UVBI tomorrow

Found new doc; and had a new patient session with a local LV doc who saw me today. Had a brief exam. The good news is my temperature is now 98.7F, the first totally normal body temp reading since becoming ill. It gradually returned to normal after having UVBI (March 2012 was the first treatment) a few times. I stopped feeling chilled after the first treatment but still had 97.6 body temp, and then gradually since then it has come up to 98.7F. I do not have cold sensations any more.

My skin looks like it has a combination of atopic dermatitis and cystic acne. Upon close examination with the magnifier, there are some M objects close or at the site of each acne-like bump. They are mostly black triangles, almost all black, and some black dots in other shapes. There are also strange shiny triangles in green, blue, and red which make my skin erupt. A minor amount of M objects are fibers, or shiny blobs that have metallic appearances.

Tomorrow I’ll have the UVBI treatment, and thank goodness I finally found a nearby treatment center. The machine is newer than the prior ones I have been treated with, and it contains 3 UV bulbs. Both UVA and UVC bulbs are in the machine, so it is a stronger UV radiation treatment. The procedure in this office is different and 60ccs of blood are used in an IV bag; it is run through the UV machine; it is used with Heparin; and medical grade diluted hydrogen peroxide is mixed with saline for an IV drip. I was told to expect a 45 minute procedure.

The doc says to consider this spirochete infection more as a parasite; this should be treated as if it is a parasite since it can go dormant and go through a lifecycle. He will prescribe an antibiotic, doxycycline for me if I will take it. Right now I want to make only once change at a time, especially since I believe these baby steps towards full wellness will help my immune system learn how to defend against this pathogen better. Since I am improving, measurably (body temp is one example), I do not mind making tiny changes to see if there are improvements that continue to get me closer to a full, complete recovery.

I have had UVBI  treatments 8 times this year. Each time I started treatment, I wanted to have a local clinic do this but had not been able to locate such a facility until today. While the doctor had other protocols in  mind he was fine with me trying just the UVBI (with some peroxide) and the procedure is done with an IV drip (also known as an autologous blood IV treatment). Tomorrow’s will be the 9th treatment using UV blood irradiation this year. Still taking TCM herbs and a Vitamin D supplement. My diet is almost all organic and mostly low-glycemic.

The net cost is going to be substantially lower for me, since there is no road trip involved, plus they are giving me a professional discount as well.

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